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2019 Softball Lottery Fundraising Results

DateWinning NumberWinner Name
Jan 1784No winner
Jan 2729No winner
Jan 3435Joanne Johnson, $50
Jan 4287No winner
Jan 5031No winner
Jan 6510Greg Green, $50 
Jan 7755Mike Higgins, $50
Jan 8223No winner
Jan 9262No winner
Jan 10295No winner
Jan 11858Mike Abate, $100
Jan 12466Cathy Higgins, $100
Jan 13657No winner
Jan 14603Raymond Lambright, $50
Jan 15417Angela Chieco, $50
Jan 16789No winner
Jan 17528No winner
Jan 18050

No winner

Jan 19192No winner
Jan 20540No winner
Jan 21689 No winner
Jan 22038 No winner
Jan 23304 No winner 
Jan 24096 No winner 
Jan 25031 No winner 
Jan 26907 No winner 
Jan 27754 Laurie Jacques, $50 
Jan 28265 No winner 
Jan 29047 No winner 
Jan 30324 No winner 
Jan 31602 Paul Zawistowski, $50 
Feb 1050 No winner